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c. 484–425 BC


Check out the COLT site by clicking on the picture above. I've made the COLT Hairy Chested Men Calendar again! You can also see more guys like me too. So the link sends you to all the men at COLT. Take your pic[k]..Purchasing anything from COLT supplies me with royalties. For that I say, thank you.]

My pic[k] of the day. Just Pier Saga! A xxx

Apr 20, 2014

Say hi to him HERE!

Picked because he looks great and he lives in Liechtenstein. My fave country!

A xxx

Torres Fernando. A xxx

Apr 20, 2014

Torres is a fine looking man, non? He almost made my pic[k] of the day. Say hi to Torres HERE! A xxx

My pre-workout supplement of choice is....

Apr 20, 2014

JACK3D. I get asked a lot about supplements. This one is great. The new formula I find is better as you don't get the tingles. I've found at times I've been 'wired' on the original formula. Makes for amusement for my fellow gym goers [the foot tapping, the bobbing head, 'this song is just soooooo good to workout too!' kind of thing...].

Here's a good article I found H3R3 that might help you....

A xxx

My pic of the day. A xxx

Apr 19, 2014

Abs on an elderly gent. Me like. A lot. A xxx

Today at the gym. Leg day. My fave! A xxx

Apr 19, 2014

...but I think the gym cat has the right idea.

Let the pussy jokes begin! A xxx

Double bicep pose. So here's to that small muscle betwixt shoulder and elbow....

Apr 18, 2014

1 Tim Budesheim

Andrew Hudson 11 Feb 2014



Branch Warren


Cody Montgomery

Daniel Church

Danny Manslaughter [is that real?]


The inimitable David Hoffmann

4 Besim Trena




Eric Liebig. wow!


Igor Illes

Jeno Kiss

Michal Krakowsky. v v impressed!

Mohamed Elatar


Sergey Bazarov


Everyone wants it bigger. So many overtrain it...A xxx

Today at the gym....A xxx

Apr 18, 2014

After a particularly exhaustive back/bi/abs workout.

Time to get big again! A xxx

Thank you John....A xxx

Apr 17, 2014

Hey guys. Have to give a big thank you to John who saw the button on the right and used it. John, it is very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I'll try to stay smart - or be the smartest dumbest person I know! A xxx

For you. A xxx

One big muscle bear! A xxx

Apr 17, 2014

Nice! A xxx


Eurovision. Oh god, please no, please, NO! A xxx

Apr 17, 2014

Of course it's back and here's the Norway entrant.

Bears come down from the North to eat the competition it seems! A xxx

Matthew Evans. Hot. A xxx

Apr 17, 2014

But has anyone seen his legs?? A xxx

My pic[k] of the day. Unknown. Anyone? A xxx

Apr 17, 2014

Now that's ripped! A xxx

Today in the gym. Back/bi's/abs. A xxx

Apr 9, 2014

And now starts the march towards getting back the weight I lost over winter.

But you know, if there is one thing I love it's a challenge in the gym.

I love trying to gain weight! A xxx

My pic[k] of the day. Alas, his name eludes me. A xxx

Apr 8, 2014

My pic[k] of the day. Let them eat....A xxx

Apr 7, 2014

Please DONATE if you can...A xxx

Apr 7, 2014

Hey All...

So I've never done this before but I thought I'd put up a DONATE button. If you could possibly spare a dime, or two, for this guy so I can carry on buying gym supplements, gym prescriptions and just keeping this blog running, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hey, if you want a quid pro quo, just ask. If you want clothing or pics etc, just ask! Just click on the button on the top right marked DONATE. It's quick and easy!

And a big THANKS!

A xxx

Thanks Bill's!

My pic[k] of the day. Unknown...but not just for the ladies! A xxx

Apr 6, 2014

Marc Buckner

And thanks to Matt Wright for this. He's a PT in Brighton.

So hire him! Like his fbk page HERE!

A xxx

Today at the gym. Calves here....A xxx

Apr 6, 2014


My pic[k], well gif, of the day...Chad Lacount. A xxx

Apr 5, 2014

Now them be arms. Completely out of proportion which is a shame but loving it all anyways.

Doesn't he go by another name too? A xxx

My pic[k] of the day. Unknown. though I should know him! Anyone help? A xxx

Apr 2, 2014

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